Fayose: Time to end Ekiti nightmare

Obasanjo and Jonathan, his estranged godson, have nothing but contempt for the Ekitis and their professors. The former first inflicted a dim-witted Fayose, a student of Lamidi Adedibu, the PDP garrison commander of Ibadan politics whose idea of a governor is a public pugilist who can also swear to falsehood with the Holy Quran without qualms. Obasanjo probably did that to compensate the man who doubled as the head of Ibadan thugs for his support for the 2003 ‘do or die’ elections. And for the latter, Ekiti experiment supervised by an ambitious clowning man who knows no fear, can be used as a template for 2015. This probably failed because of a fortuitous rift between godfather and godson, the threat of the international community especially the US and Britain, and the resolve of Jega to be on the right side of history.

Except the Supreme Court with its bizarre judgment, and perhaps Fayose’s thugs, the Yoruba even without the benefit of ‘Ekiti-gate’ audios, now know Fayose is an impostor. It is all embedded in our rich culture. We know for a fact that when the slave usurps the throne, institutions of state and its people are imperiled.  Between 2003 and until his impeachment in April 16, 2006, Ekiti knew no peace. The period was marked by violence, kidnapping of a traditional ruler and assassination of his close PDP rivals such as Dr. Ayo Daramola, a World Bank consultant and Tosin Omojola. Ekiti sons for fear for their lives deserted home.

Referring to the sordid past during his inauguration on Thursday October 16, 2014, Fayose had confessed: “All my property were left in the Government House because I had to flee”, adding that during “seven and half years of my political wilderness,” I was “taken to court about 59 times aside the 45 days I spent in detention over EFCC charges”. But because of what President Jonathan has conveniently described as “the the slow pace of justice that grinds slowly in our environment”, in other to shield his thieving PDP members, Fayose like many accused PDP stalwarts ,instead of ending up behind bars  moved on to become governors, senators, minister and party leaders.

Ayo Fayose shortly after losing a senatorial election was said to have trounced his highly rated sitting rival in all the 16 LGA. Shocked by his victory he could not but describe it as “a rare miracle”, adding “having a second chance is very rare. My return to government is not common in history; I will not allow this position to go into my head or use it to oppress anybody; I don’t have anybody in mind to punish battle with or fight in any way; I won’t allow sycophants to derail me again”.

But that was short-lived. His desperation at holding on to ill-acquired throne through various acts of impunity and constitutional breaches since his second coming is enough reason to believe Fayose is a usurper. And here once again, the Yoruba culture pointedly tells us that “omo Oba ki jagun bi eru”, literarily translated the heir apparent even in the thick of a battle is conscious of is responsibility to the state and the besieged enemy’s territory in contrast to a slave who has no stake and is prepared to risk all. Fighting like a slave without grace is exactly what Ayo Fayose has been doing since his second inauguration. As governor-elect, he had led a band of thugs to assault a judge presiding over his eligibility case, tearing his robe and shredding his case files.

His next action was to ferry seven PDP lawmakers in government bus protected by 300 policemen to the state House of Assembly where they whimsically pronounced the speaker backed by 19 lawmakers impeached and hilariously proclaimed one of the seven lawmakers a speaker. Moments later, Fayose dressed like one of his thugs was telling a bemused nation that he has recognized the new speaker. He then proceeded to chase the 19 lawmakers out of town. With the help of the police, he has continued to sustain this illegality. An attempt by the lawmakers to return home was frustrated. Fayose, drunk with power sent thugs to manhandle the lawmakers at a boundary town between Osun and Ekiti.

Fearing the victory of Buhari will put an end to his acts of impunity, he became paranoid.  First it was Buhari’s certificate. Then it was his age. He even went on to conclude that because his 70-something years old mother was afflicted with a strange disease that makes her resort to the use pampers, Buhari also must be using pampers. He falsely claimed Buhari was in London hospital and in fact trailed him down spending public money. He then changed strategy. He wanted President Jonathan, to relieve Jega of his duty as INEC chairman for insisting on the use of card readers. He did not forget to remind President Jonathan that ‘heaven will not fall’, if Jega was illegally removed, just as beyond opposition noise, heaven did not fall following  Jonathan’s  illegal and immoral removal of  Justice Ayo Salami for ruling against PDP stalwarts that stole other peoples mandates.

Living in a fools’ paradise and believing there will be no consequences for his actions, Fayose who is too dim-witted to know fear (apology to Ali Mazrui) scared away most serious contestants in the last parliamentary and state assembly elections. PDP that was in opposition in Ekiti six months ago has now become the only party in Ekiti winning all available elective positions.

Fayose and his PDP supporters and okada riders in Ekiti are behaving like NNDP of the first republic who having rigged an election, dared the people counting on the false sense of security provided by the police.  As a young boy, it is difficult to forget the horror of that era.

We watched in horror as men and their children were routinely locked up in their cars and set ablaze right in front of police stations. Three months after military take-over and cessation of hostilities in other parts of the West, mud houses and cocoa farms were still being torched in Ekiti. The late Col. Adekunle Fajuyi, leveraging on his being an Ekiti man had to take a tour of Ekiti town and villages appealing to his people to stop the mindless killing.

Tragically, this is the past the Supreme Court by its last week bizarre verdict tried to encourage. In their wisdom, Fayose was not properly impeached in 2006. But since they didn’t say their verdict was retroactive, it stands to reason that Fayose was not qualified as at the time he contested the election in June 2014. The Supreme Court’s wise men were silent on Fayose’s constitutional banditry. Perhaps as a consequence, Fayose has moved on to mobilize his church congregation, touts, market women, okada riders who have by last Monday taken over the state House of Assembly. It is not clear if the Supreme Court wise men are also asking the besieged people of Ekiti to resort to self-help.

But Fayose and his thugs currently behaving like lunatics must be reminded Ekiti people hardly forget. They equally don’t forgive traitors. He had the luxury of escaping in the boot of his car last time around. The scene he probably remembered when during his inauguration he gave an undertaking to be of good behavior. But Fayose cannot give what he has not got. He is ill-equipped, ill-mannered and ill-tempered to manage society. With the criminal conspiracy of the out-going government, it is time the new inheritors of power got the police authorities to allow the lawmakers do their job and if necessary to put an end to Fayose’s buffoonery. Ekiti as the butt of expensive joke world over have suffered enough. Waiting until after Jonathan’s exit on May 29 may be too late. By then aggrieved people may forcefully attempt to demolish Fayose’s fraudulent structures.

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