Lagosians must reject PDP and its ethnic card

President Jonathan remains the most divisive president in our nation’s history. In 2011, President Jonathan openly asked non- Yoruba residents in Lagos to join forces to outvote the Yorubas. In 2015, besides the president’s nocturnal meetings with town associations where huge amount of monies allegedly exchanged hands, he appointed ex governor Obi to mobilise Igbos in Lagos. Now the Igbos in Lagos have hearkened to his call. Two weeks ago, they gave block vote to some of their kinsmen to represent some parts of Lagos whose language they can’t speak in Abuja.

Jimi Agbaje, who has nothing to offer Lagosians beyond his ‘feeling of self worth’, has tried to capitalise on that promising to create a fiefdom for Igbo in Lagos where they will have their own King, a privilege they don’t even enjoy in their own ancestral homes because of their republican nature.

Now they have dragged the Oba of Lagos into their game of deceit. The Oba, who is the custodian of the culture of his people, has threatened to rain causes on those who work against the interest of Lagos. PDP national body has joined Bode George, Obanikoro, Ogunlewe and Jimi Agbaje who the king claims is his cousin against the king.  There is also a Femi Fani- Kayode, who only two years ago before joining PDP volunteered to lead a battle against any group including the Igbos who dared to lay claim to an inch of Yoruba land.

The common affliction of Lagos PDP men is opportunism. Ogunlewe and Obanikoro became senators under the dominant party in Lagos and used their ticket to cut deals with the federal government. They don’t even seem to understand that the federal and the state, by our constitution, are coordinates with neither being superior to the other since they both derived their powers from the constitution.  If you think PDP thugs who with the support of police pulled down bill boards, posters and chased motorists off the roads while brandishing broken bottles and knives were ignorant, wait for Jimi Agbaje and some PDP leading lights defend the shameful act on a national television.

One of them, more out of mischief, in an answer to a question by a Channels Television crew retorted angrily, did Lagos state governor aspirant pay for his posters? The crooked logic is that if Lagos state enjoys a special relationship with one of its parastatal, such concession must be extended to the federal government. If we extend the argument further, then Lagos state should be able to have access to the use of one the air craft’s in the presidential fleet out of which the president sometimes deploys as many as three for political campaigns.

Or put differently, since The Ports Authority located in Lagos is known to have always made huge contribution towards reelection of all sitting presidents since 1999, Lagos should ask for its own share or resort to self help using thugs like PDP.

Driven by opportunism and bereft of vision, PDP has nothing to offer Lagos… Besides one or two kilometers of Lagos -Ibadan expressway constructed by Ogunlewe as Minister of Works under Obasanjo at a period it was alleged about N300 billion budgeted for road construction went in to fighting the 2003 presidential election, all we can remember him for was converting party thugs to traffic controllers, which led to clashes and chaos on Lagos road. He was also on record as supporting and encouraging Obasanjo who illegally sat on federal allocations despite court pronouncements.

Obanikoro’s short stint as Minister of State for Defence was a disaster for Lagos in particular and other Yoruba states in general. Intoxicated by federal power under a Jonathan presidency whose other name is impunity, Obanikoro according to Governor Fashola, used soldiers to stop ongoing public work in Lagos claiming the land belongs to the federal government. He has also been accused of deploying soldiers including some hooded security personnel to intimidate opposition leaders during the Ekiti and Osun governorship elections last year.

Agbaje, who has never managed anything beyond his drug shop, is ill equipped to manage a state as complex as Lagos. Lagosians should troop out in two days time to vote for a party with vision, a party with record of achievements to end the dreams of opportunists bent on playing the ethnic card to cause disharmony in Lagos.

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