Villains and heroes of 2015 electoral duel

For conceding defeat after being thoroughly trounced in four of the six geo-political zones by Buhari during the March 28 election, President Jonathan has been acclaimed a statesman. Nothing except his famed goodluck prepared him for an honour reserved exclusively for “politicians and diplomats with long and respected career at the national or international level”.

His six years in government has been marked by exploitation of our ethnic and religion differences, massive corruption and reign of impunity. But for being shepherded out of office like an elephant in a china shop as a result of tension created by his surreptitious sponsorship of campaign of calumny, hate messages and documentaries, bare faced lies, character assassination, blackmail, PDP stalwarts have been falling over each other to celebrate President Jonathan.

Tony Anenih PDP (BOT) chairman has asked aggrieved Nigerian politician to emulate President Jonathan who he said “has made an indelible mark on the sands of time’. … Reuben Abati has enthusiastically listed world leaders including   US President Barrack Obama, South African President Jacob Zuma President Alassane Ouattara and Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Justin Webby as some of the world leaders that had called to congratulate Jonathan for his unique achievement.

But beyond honor so cheaply bestowed on a president who had been cajoled to do what was right and honourable, the real heroes of our 2015 were those who prevented our nations from predicted descent into chaos and turmoil. Leading this group of patriotic Nigerians is Olusegun Obasanjo. He had in what was described ‘a satanic letter’ to his god son asked Jonathan to stop taking “Nigeria and Nigerians for granted, move away from culture of denials, cover-ups and proxies and deal honesty, sincerely, transparently with Nigerians”.

He then went on to itemise some of the president’s actions, which he believed were injurious to the health of our nation. He cited his reliance on ‘sycophants who he said are ‘wreckers’ and more dangerous than identified adversaries.’ In this regard, he called attention of Nigerians to ‘serious and strong allegation of non-remittance of about $7 billion from NNPC to Central Bank occurring from export of some 300,000 barrels per day, amounting to $900 million a month, to be refined and with refined products of only $400 million returned and Atlantic Oil loading about 130,000 barrels sold by Shell and managed on behalf of NPDC with no sale proceeds paid into NPDC’.

Nearly everything Obasanjo said came to pass and when the president took refuge under the military to shift the election date, Obasanjo was quick to point out Jonathan’s secret plan to play Gbagbo by refusing to concede defeat. Godsday Orubebe’s tantrums and wild allegations in a futile attempt to disrupt further announcement of the result when it became clear president Jonathan had lost the election was probably part of the script.

Also deserving of honours are professor Bolaji Akinyemi, who first mooted the idea of the gladiators signing a peace accord; Members of National Peace Committee under the chairmanship of General Abdulsalam Abubakar. Others are Kofi Annah, former UN Secretary General; Emeka Anyaoku, former secretary general of the Common wealth amongst others.

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