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How Long Did You Bleed After Medical Abortion Mumsnet

I am 6 weeks and terrified at the thought of a medical abortion. I’m still in two minds whether to keep the baby or not. It’s all down to finances unfortunately. I have 2 children already; aged 3 and 2. So it’s the whole childcare / work issue. Anyway, could you still go out and about when you did the medical or did you need to stay at home Within 2 hours of being home weirdly the bleeding stopped. 3 days later have period like cramping and spotting. I feel exhausted from this whole process. When I read posts that it's like a miscarriage......NO! Absolutely NOT!!!! it is a long process and the bleeds can switch from light to heavy at anytime.

Still having the brownish/occasional red bleeding but only on wiping. I did a regular pregnancy test on Sunday (no idea why as it was only a week after) and it was positive still.

I was told by Marie stopes to test at 3 weeks. Did you get given a special test to use? Thanks so much for sharing your abortion story, I’m not too sure if you’ll see this but I had a medical abortion a few days ago and took the second lot of tablets at home. My experience sounds extremely similar to yours in I didn’t really pass any clots just thick blood when sat on the toilet and then medium-light bleeding since (It has now been 2 days since). I had a medical abortion at 6+something weeks (sorry, a few years ago so I forget exactly) and I had what I would consider heavy period like bleeding for 4 days. I definitely didn’t feel anything “pass” like the previous poster did for her medical management of miscarriage, but our bodies are all different. I passed lots of quite big clots but once I felt the bleeding start (about 2 hours after the vaginal tablets went it) I just sat on the loo until all the clots passed. It honestly, was fine. Then I just bled like a normal period for a week or so. Add message Report Claudiaskx · 18:25 Thank you both for your comments today!! At 4 weeks gestation hopefully you won't see the foetus. Just don't look down the toilet. Seriously. Don't mean to scare you but I wish somebody had told me that when I had mine at over 8 weeks gestation. How's the pain? The heavy to medium bleeding lasted two weeks in my case but am still bleeding a little on and off.

Now six weeks after abortion. I then went home and took 600mg of long lasting ibuprofen and ate a ginger biscuit to keep sickness at bay (I did not have morning sickness however I was concerned after reading stories on here that the abortion might make me sick) I then inserted the 4 tablets to begin the contractions around 15 minutes later. My experience wasn’t anything like that at all, I didn’t bleed anywhere near as much as I was expecting, the cramps were completely manageable and 9 days on I’ve stopped bleeding and my pregnancy symptoms have all gone. Hopefully when I take the test to confirm the outcome in 2 weeks it will be negative 🤞🏻 For those who aren't educated in the adoption space, first of all, you should know that there are no babies in need of homes. On that point the Justices are "correct". Fewer than 20,000 babies (under 2 years old) are adopted each year. There are a million.

How Long Does It Take To Emotionally Heal From An Abortion

Chronic stress can affect your immune system, heart, metabolism, and overall well-being. Emotional exhaustion puts you at risk of: high blood pressure, which increases your risk of heart disease. 9. Surround yourself with friends. For a person who has just broken off an emotional affair, friends aren’t optional. They are a life-support system. Safe friends are especially important if. This puts our overall wellness in clearer focus and makes our efforts to heal more effective and less costly in the long run. 10.

Get honest about how you’re surviving.

How Long Do You Cramp After An Abortion Pill

I had a medical abortion 72 hours ago, so far I have had no cramps,bleeding nor any clots. I have brown mucas stuff (sorry not very nice) when I wipe but nothin This topic is answered by a. Get Safe, Guaranteed and Effective Abortion Pills – Call or WhatsApp +27 61 067 8310. Do and Don’ts After Abortion. No sex for 2 weeks or so. Give the uterus time to recover. Infections are common for people who engage in sex after abortion. Do not insert anything in the vagina like tampons. This may transfer infections into the vagina. Outlook. Summary. Proper self-care is important for physical health and mental well-being after an abortion.

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How Long Did You Bleed After Medical Abortion Mumsnet

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